Mencari Punca & Solusi Murtad

In much the issues highlighted by the Malaysian society today, including also the issue of abandonment, independence, politics, corruption everywhere, but people do not realize that the issue of Muslim apostasy today more risk and this is the issue that we need more discuss. Prioritize which is more important, to norms of society, the country’s future, and for the Muslims.

Nowadays, with the implementation of the federal constitution in Malaysia, I think chronology of the life of Malaysian society would be more harmonious and peaceable. True, I do not deny the statement and I agree the charms of the implementation of this federal constitution. But I think there are several areas for improvement that we should care much more. For example, the implementation of the federal constitution in Article 11 which stated that, anyone who has and above the age of 18, the right to change his own religion even without the consent of parents or guardians.

When we review the previous cases, case of Aisyah which is operated by Zulkifli Nordin, who I think have some lacunae in the federal constitution that we need to fill out with new things, able to judge equally to all people in Malaysia, but not ridiculing Islam. This issue of apostasy even opposition from various quarters, ignored and even condemned at all, yet in order to achieve the goal, keeping the name of Islam, and to get some justice in this country, what’s wrong if we discuss the issue of apostasy, and war-offering in throughout the country.

I feel a little bit disappointed, when governments do not take serious enough observations on this issue, whereas I think the issue of apostasy is more important than the endless political issues. When Saari Bustamah took over as mufti from Datuk Hashim yahya, the first thing that he touched is the issue of apostasy. When examined the statistics of apostasy, in 1997 & 1998 almost 3516 had been apostasy. So, if we see the statistics until today, can we imagine how many people have been apostasy? It will be most of 10,000 of person.

If we look at the source of the problem of apostasy occurred, not from any educated parents, even one’s own children. Good and proper education was given, but when it has been grow up, and free to move around, began to fall with the things that are not appropriate, exposed to the behavior of friends who do not have to follow, there is no awareness! We can see in the case aisyah earlier, his father was a priest, had given to her religious upbringing, rather than when at large and his own self, suddenly was in a Christian. Crushed his father’s heart to see his children that have brought up with religious teaching, now has convert and apostasy!

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Coupled with case of Hartina Hj. Kamarudin, who converted to Hindus. His father, Hj. Kamarudin only a satay seller, gave up her son to Kuala Lumpur to work after 18 years of age. However, his daughter return back with her boyfriend while hugging together, and told to his father that she had converted to Hindu. Hj. Kamarudin felt that he was challenged, he beat Hartina’s boyfriend on his neck, and Hj. Kamarudin also had been beaten by her friends. What is heart-wrenching, Hartina move out from his father’s shop, while bringing her boyfriend and did not even see his father who was sick and continue to make a complaint to the police about her boyfriend who was beaten by Hj. Kamarudin. Many accusations against Hj. Kamarudin by his own daughter and eventually his son has change its name from Hartina Hj. Kamarudin to Nisvani Rajeswari.

This is the result of the lacunae that had been found in the federal constitution. Not only changes his religion, moral value have been lost, and also there are no honour anymore against parents because of the influence of another religion and also the weaknesses in the federal constitution in article 11, when they reach the age of 18, they may choose their own religion byself.

p/s: bagaimana mahu mencapai negara yang maju, sedangkan dalam kalangan masyarakat sendiri masih banyak lagi permasalahan yg berlaku. bukan shj masalah berkaitan politik, rusuhan sana sini, rasuah berleluasa, masalah anak-anak muda, masalah kegawatan ekonomi, malah agama yang dianuti sendiri pun masih lagi ada yang keliru. masih lagi ada yang tidak berpuas hati. bila didesak, bila di dorong, mula lah pendirian tak tetap, tak teguh. sanggup bertukar agama demi ape shj. bertanggungjawab dalam melaksanakan amanah bukan hanya pandang dan lihat kepada kebajikan sahaja, bukan hanya ' ha, apa yang tak cukup lagi? amik ni, buat bajet.'.

tidak, tapi ketahuilah punca sebenar, lakukan inisiatif yang baru andai usaha lama tidak berkesan. kalau mahu diikutkan, bukan mufti shj yg bertanggungjwb untuk melakukan pelbagai usaha berkaitan dengan murtad ini, malah sy kira perdana menteri, menteri pertahanan, menteri pendidikan hatta menteri belia & sukan juga perlu sama-sama untuk mencari solusi bagi murtad.! hanya sekdar pandangan, dan renung brsama-sama buat kita yg berjiwa remaja. =)


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